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If you’re drowning in debt, and especially if creditors have taken steps to levy your bank account, wages or other sources of income, Chapter 7 bankruptcy can clear out most, if not all, of your debt and give you a fresh start.

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If you’re dealing with a tax problem, it's essential that you take the first step to achieve the PEACE OF MIND that's within your reach!

As you navigate through this website, David S. Greenberg introduces you to a number of proven methods that give you the opportunity to resume a normal financial life... a life without the haunting fear of the IRS that keeps many people awake at night. You'll also learn how to obtain a Free copy of my Special Reports. David S. Greenberg is a leading authority on effective IRS problem solving and a tax attorney representing people in San Diego and surrounding areas. His work includes numerous articles and special reports as follows:

  • How small business owners can and must protect their business
  • Five secrets every small business person must know
  • How to keep the IRS from ruining your life
  • What the IRS never told you

When the IRS comes knocking on your door, or sends you a very troubling notice, there are a number of legal and effective means available to:

  1. protect yourself from enforced collection; and
  2. insure that the tax you pay is limited to the minimum you are legally obligated to pay.
Installment Agreements

Most people have at least one credit card for which a payment is made on a monthly basis. Interest accrues on the unpaid credit card balance until paid in full.

If you find yourself in a situation where you cannot immediately full pay an income tax balance, the IRS has available a payment plan program just like your credit card payment arrangement whereby interest accrues on the unpaid balance.

A payment plan request can be submitted in writing by submitting IRS Form 9465 or by contacting the IRS Collection Division by phone.

Depending upon the amount of your unpaid balance, the IRS may require the submission of financial declaration on IRS Form 433-A.

Submission of a proper, complete and accurate financial declaration is absolutely essential. Supporting documents which substantiate the numbers on the form will be required.

There are many traps for the unwary in negotiating a payment plan. One such problem arises when you personally agree to a monthly payment when you could actually be eligible for the status of “Currently not Collectible.”

Additionally, the Collection Statute of Limitations should be carefully considered as well as whether to invoke your right to a Collection Due Process Hearing.

Our San Diego tax attorney considers those issues as well as many other in structuring a payment plan for you, once it’s been determined that a payment plan is the best option available to you.

Our first step in undertaking representation on your behalf is to fully identify all available options. We then explain to you in detail the pros and cons of each option so that you can make an informed decision as to how you wish to proceed. We will make a recommendation as to what we feel is the best option, but the decision is yours to make.

Offer in Compromise

For many taxpayers, an Offer in Compromise can very well be the best option.

There are many late night advertisers who, without knowing anything about your situation, encourage you to pay them for services that could very lead to a dead end for you.

Our office has a very high success rate with Offers in Compromise because we carefully evaluate eligibility and then put together the terms and conditions that will generate an acceptance of the Offer by the IRS.

As is the case with installment payment arrangements, there are many traps for the unwary.

Careful consideration must be given to:

  1. how the submission of an Offer in Compromise impacts the running of the Collection Statute of Limitations;
  2. the best strategy of when to request a Collection Due Process Hearing; and
  3. the best approach to appealing a rejection of the Offer.

A successful Offer in Compromise involves far more than just filling out forms. Details of everything that must be done to get an Offer accepted appear in “King’s Guide to Offer in Compromise,” for which I was the legal editor.

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Payroll Taxes

Many businesses find themselves in a situation where unforeseen expenses and/or revenue shortfalls make it very difficult to remit timely payroll tax deposits.

If the problem is not addressed in a timely manner, the end result could be the IRS putting a padlock on the business and seizing business assets and bank accounts.

Even if your payroll tax balance is more than you can afford to pay in full, there are many effective strategies that can be utilized to allow your business to continue.

If you wish to schedule a free consultation, I can explain in detail the effective strategies available to keep your business open.

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Discharge of Tax and Bankruptcy

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing can be a very powerful and effective strategy in dealing with income tax liabilities. It’s one of the many options available in dealing with a tax balance that you can’t afford to pay in full.

Very important considerations include (1) the timing of a bankruptcy filing, and (2) the coordination of the filing with other tax remedies.

In order to determine if and when a bankruptcy filing is in your best interest, we conduct a detailed analysis of pertinent financial and legal factors to insure that a bankruptcy filing will generate the maximum beneficial impact for you.

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The IRS has 3 years from the due date of a tax return to audit your return.

The time limitation is extended to 6 years is there has been a 25% understatement of income, and there is no time limitation if the tax return is fraudulent.

In the audit process, the IRS wants to see documents which substantiate the figures in the tax return.

In the event that if such documents have been destroyed or are otherwise unavailable, there are legal strategies available to satisfy the IRS auditor.

In the event that the auditor arrives at incorrect conclusions, there are appeal remedies available, including the filing of a petition with the U.S. Tax Court.

We can guide you through the audit process to insure that your tax liability is kept to a minimum.

Innocent Spouse Relief

If your former spouse has left you holding the bag for a tax liability that you previously had known nothing about, you may very well be able to obtain relief from the liability if you qualify as an Innocent Spouse.

We can explain exactly what you need to establish your entitlement to relief, and if you qualify, we guide you through the process to keep your exposure to a minimum.

Find out right now, without cost to you, whether or not you qualify for innocent spouse or equitable relief. Call for a Free Consultation with a tax attorney based in San Diego!

And if the IRS is breathing down your neck and you need immediate help, or if you've just reached the point where you've had enough and can't take it any more, call me or fill out the online form for a Free Office Consultation.

Client Reviews
David has been my attorney for several years and has helped me walk through major life changing situations with compassion and understanding and good legal and personal advice. My IRS debt is about a thing of the past and my state tax is now handled as well. I can recommend Dave for his tax and legal expertise. Tobin
When I contacted David Greenberg, I owed the IRS over $150,000 and he was able to help me have those payments discharged. I am forever thankful. David is always there for me when I call and I have referred him to friends who have also hired him with excellent results. I can't say enough wonderful things about Mr. Greenberg and his staff. John
He is a super big help with tax problems. He is very informative, knows exactly what to do & when. He is also sympathetic & understanding; knows what to say to calm all fears & worries. Furthermore, he works his hardest to ensure comfortable payment plans or alternative discount methods to ease any financial obligations. He is a great asset to those in need of tax resolutions. Debbie
What can I say about David other than he is a genius and knows his tax law. In 2009 I was hit extremely hard by the financial meltdown. I contacted David to help my wife and I through a personal bankruptcy and a 6 digit IRS Tax Lien. He was wonderful to work with and walked us through the whole process. The biggest hurdle was the IRS Tax debt. What an amazing job David performed. It took some time, as he said it would. The IRS agreed to an Offer and Conpromise and forgave 97% of the debt. I would highly recommend David Greenberg for any Tax or Bankruptcy issues. He is amazing. Fred
Attorney David Greenberg, assisted me with a tax issue and kept the IRS from just randomly taking money while resolving the issue. He is polite,attentive and willing to help his clients. I wholeheartedly recommend David Greenberg, for any tax issues you may be facing. Anthony
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