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About Us

Our Mission

Our reason for being is to provide affordable, timely and effective solutions to your IRS problems. The solutions we design allow our clients to resume a normal financial life, without having to worry about wage garnishments, bank levies, or other intrusive IRS collection methods that could otherwise ruin your life.

Our Primary Product is “Peace of Mind”!

San Diego attorney Dave Greenberg is a leading authority on Effective IRS Problem Solving. His work includes numerous articles and special reports including:

His techniques are suitable for all individuals and business owners because they are straightforward, easily understood, and designed to affordably maximize the prospect of an excellent result.

David has been in practice for 31 years and currently devotes his legal practice exclusively to bringing relief to persons and business owners, who, despite their hard work and good intentions, find themselves at odds with the IRS. He’s always been quoted as saying:

“I have solutions to IRS problems that work! I just wish more people were aware of the existence of these effective problem solving techniques.”

In addition to being a leading authority on IRS Problem Solving, David, a former Naval Officer and aeronautical engineer, has also served as a Judge Pro Tem and Arbitrator in San Diego, California.

David was recently invited to once again appear on radio station KSDO with George Chamberlin on his “Money in the Morning” show. The topic was “How to Keep the IRS from Ruining your Life!”. Many taxpayers just like you called in and participated in a lively and informative discussion.

David has also appeared on the KFMB “Mike Berger Show” on the topic of “Effective IRS Problem Solving.” Once again, there was a lively and informative discussion with taxpayers just like you.

In his appearance with Bob Ryan on KCEO’s “Inside Business” Show, David’s primary topic of discussion was “Effectively dealing with payroll tax issues.”

He has also appeared as a radio guest on “Financial Forum” with Ron Dolbeck, who specializes in financial planning and asset management.

David has also made numerous appearances withTracey Gaines, The Tax Man, on San Diego’s leading AM talk radio station 760 KFMB.

But you don’t have to wait for David’s next radio or TV appearance to speak to him without charge. You are invited to call (619) 501-5251 to schedule your FREE Consultation!

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Client Reviews

He is a super big help with tax problems. He is very informative, knows exactly what to do & when. He is also sympathetic & understanding; knows what to say to calm all fears & worries. Furthermore, he works his hardest to ensure comfortable payment plans or alternative discount methods to ease any...


Attorney David Greenberg, assisted me with a tax issue and kept the IRS from just randomly taking money while resolving the issue. He is polite,attentive and willing to help his clients. I wholeheartedly recommend David Greenberg, for any tax issues you may be facing.


What can I say about David other than he is a genius and knows his tax law. In 2009 I was hit extremely hard by the financial meltdown. I contacted David to help my wife and I through a personal bankruptcy and a 6 digit IRS Tax Lien. He was wonderful to work with and walked us through the whole...


When I contacted David Greenberg, I owed the IRS over $150,000 and he was able to help me have those payments discharged. I am forever thankful. David is always there for me when I call and I have referred him to friends who have also hired him with excellent results. I can't say enough wonderful...


David has been my attorney for several years and has helped me walk through major life changing situations with compassion and understanding and good legal and personal advice. My IRS debt is about a thing of the past and my state tax is now handled as well. I can recommend Dave for his tax and...


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