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Clients Reviews

The following letters and critiques are typical responses that David receives regularly: (the names have been changed to preserve privacy.)

Dear Dave, I could not be more pleased with the conclusion of negotiations with the IRS on my behalf. Dave, you're my hero! Thanks.

Vince J. San Diego

David, I was very impressed not only by your efficiency in handling this matter for me, but in the respectful way you treated me. This made a stressful situation so much easier. Thank you!

Kate M. San Diego

David, I wanted to thank you for your help in resolving my problems with the IRS through bankruptcy. It is amazing how many other so-called tax professionals claim to be experts, but really don’t know the law. As you know, years ago I actually used to be in the business of tax resolution, and I found out through dealings with my ex-clients and the people that attempted to resolve their cases that the best chance for a successful resolution is with an experienced attorney who knows the laws and can enforce them. I had heard about you from a few of your satisfied clients; you have an excellent reputation! There are thousands of tax resoxlution companies out there that basically just rip people off (including some of the biggest). Although your fees were a little higher than some of the tax resolution companies, they were competitive with the other attorneys that I checked out (none of which had your level of experience), and you were worth every penny. The fact is that a majority of the “tax professionals” I had consulted had misinformed me about the possibility of resolving my IRS debt through bankruptcy, and you were extremely knowledgeable, explained the process clearly, kept me informed of the progress, and obtained the resolution you said was possible. Thank you for the fresh start and your professionalism, and should I learn of anybody with extreme financial or IRS difficulties, I shall not hesitate to refer them to your office. Best regards.


David I appreciate being your client and you for your patience and caring way that you have helped me through these difficult times. I will always consider you my friend.

Tom C. Westminster CA

David was upfront and very informative on all my options. He acted quickly and resolved my IRS problems. He was always happy to answer all of my questions anytime I called. Would highly recommend for anyone who wants to live at ease and not fear the IRS any more. Thanks, David.

Mike L. San Diego

I am so relieved that Mr. Greenberg was able to get the IRS to grant me equitable relief! I felt that my case was in the most capable hands from the moment I met him.

Jenny B. Costa Mesa

To say you have been wonderful concerning this tax matter and more would be an understatement. You have taken a bill of almost $30,000.00 and brought it down to $874.00, which I was able to pay and did. You were wonderfully persistent. You're a motivated go-getter in your field. You were available to talk matters over with me and answer questions. You're a great example of what someone would want an attorney to be. I am very thankful for all you have done. I highly recommend you to someone who is serious about getting tax issues taken care of. Thanks again.

Julie G. San Diego

I would like to personally thank you for helping to resolve my situation with the IRS. I appreciate the fact that you always treated me with dignity and respect and that you allowed me to set up a payment arrangement that was comfortable for me. You have always been available to answer my questions. You took an insurmountable situation and made it as painless as possible. If I were standing there, I would give you a hug. Thank you, David. Thank you very much.

Rene L. San Diego
Great Information Always Available

David has been my attorney for several years and has helped me walk through major life changing situations with compassion and understanding and good legal and personal advice. My IRS debt is about a thing of the past and my state tax is now handled as well. I can recommend Dave for his tax and legal expertise.

Tax Problems? Not Anymore!

When I contacted David Greenberg, I owed the IRS over $150,000 and he was able to help me have those payments discharged. I am forever thankful. David is always there for me when I call and I have referred him to friends who have also hired him with excellent results. I can't say enough wonderful things about Mr. Greenberg and his staff.

The Answer Man

He is a super big help with tax problems. He is very informative, knows exactly what to do & when. He is also sympathetic & understanding; knows what to say to calm all fears & worries. Furthermore, he works his hardest to ensure comfortable payment plans or alternative discount methods to ease any financial obligations. He is a great asset to those in need of tax resolutions.

Remarkably Brilliant!

What can I say about David other than he is a genius and knows his tax law. In 2009 I was hit extremely hard by the financial meltdown. I contacted David to help my wife and I through a personal bankruptcy and a 6 digit IRS Tax Lien. He was wonderful to work with and walked us through the whole process. The biggest hurdle was the IRS Tax debt. What an amazing job David performed. It took some time, as he said it would. The IRS agreed to an Offer and Conpromise and forgave 97% of the debt. I would highly recommend David Greenberg for any Tax or Bankruptcy issues. He is amazing.

Grest Guy!

I am privileged to have known David Greenberg for five years. He was a big help when another tax company left me in a great deal of trouble. Thanks to Mr. Greenberg, my enormous tax issues with the IRS and State of California were brought under control. His knowledge regarding taxes is up to date. His staff is also very courteous and helpful. I can recommend him very highly.

Great Attorney

Attorney David Greenberg, assisted me with a tax issue and kept the IRS from just randomly taking money while resolving the issue. He is polite,attentive and willing to help his clients. I wholeheartedly recommend David Greenberg, for any tax issues you may be facing.

Mr. David Samuel Greenberg

Thanks to the services provided by Mr. Greenberg my wife and I no longer live in fear of the IRS. We have been debt free for the last 3 or 4 years now and the feeling is great ! We regard Mr. Greenberg to be "our" attorney and will most certainally rely on him for any future needs.

Mr. Greenberg Review

Mr. Greenberg represented me and my in a bankruptcy case. We got exactly what we wanted and we're able to move on. Mr. Greenberg was very thorough explaining the rule of law regarding our case. He was very professional and made sure we understood the process of filing for bankruptcy.

David S. Greenberg

Legal problems have implications that can affect an individuals entire existence. Because of Mr. Greenbergs exceptional professional, knowledgable, and enthusiastic skills as a tax attorney, my case was settled quickly and fairly.

Review of David S. Greenberg

In 2013, I interviewed and subsequently hired Dave Greenberg, to specifically, assist me with past Tax filings, and reconciliation of financial documents needed to be filed upon my divorce and closing of business in the Bay Area prior to my relocation to San Diego. I have been more than satisfied with his firm and his direct service to me. So much so, I referred three people to him, who have found his service to be equally satisfactory. I would reccomend Dave to anyone in need of Tax counseling, representation before the IRS and State Board of Equalization.

David S. Greenberg, Attorney

Excellent attorney who represents me on issues with the IRS. He shielded me from negative actions by the government. He also gave me peace of mind with his assurances and professionalism. I highly recommend him as a paladin for your case, whatever that might be.

Carlos Z.
Outstanding Character, and Highly Experienced

I appreciate David's experience, professionalism, and outstanding character. He has provided excellent advise, and tax service since I retained him in 2012.

Excellent Attorney, Fantastic Person

I have known David for well over 20 years. We have worked on numerous projects together, with very difficult legal issues. All were always well resolved. He is very ethical and highly competent. You couldn’t find a better overall attorney. I have recommended many of my friends to his services and they have all raved about his capabilities. Besides our long term professional relationship, he is my good friend. I would highly recommend David for any legal services you may need. Henry, CEO, American Standard Renewable Fuels Corp.

Henry R.

My attorney has accepted a complicated and stressful case for my business. I had allowed others to operate the Corporation and it proved unwise. My complications are many his staff has brought a disaster into the process of renovation and hope. And for that with his advice I am grateful. I thank God for them every day.

Willie Searcy
Life Changing

After loosing my business, marriage and home, even with a job I was in a bad place financially. I could no way meet the financial demands of my debts including the IRS. I was referred to David Greenberg. He listened to my story , asked several questions then explained my options reflective of my goals. He first eliminated my debt through bankruptcy . With that I was able re instate my contractors license. With a huge tax debt I could not see my self ever being a business owner again. Finally he negotiated an offer in compromise of my tax debt. An amount that seemed impossible overcome or have reduced to the degree which David did. He relieved a total financial burden that motivated me to not only pick my self up and start over , but more importantly to be much smarter financially. I would recommend David above any other professional relationship I've experienced.

IRS Tax Problems

Mr. Greenberg was excellent with his advice and followed thru solving my Tax Problems with the IRS. His calm demeanor was reassuring. He was very professional.


David has always been there for me with calm professional advice and knows what I need to do to solve any issues I have. He is always available in my hour of need. Bankruptcy was a solution for my problems he is walking me through it.

Blue Ribbon Service and Results

David Greenberg has provided nothing less than excellent service and attention from my very first consultation over 4 years ago till present day. David's knowledge of tax laws and regulations and his attention to case details has helped me navigate an extremely arduous tax situation. David stays on top of changing developments and keeps his client in the loop. David always factors in the best interest of the client, tax laws and ethical integrity. His staff is knowledgeable and always available to assist.

David Greenwood, Esq. Review

David has helped me with my tax issues for many years now. He is professional, courteous, and knowledgeable about all matters of the Tax Code. He helped me both while I was married, as well as during and after my divorce. I feel very confident that he will help me throughout my dealings with the I.R.S.

Wiped out my Income Tax Debt for Pennies

Dave was able to wipe out over $30,000 of Fed. Income taxes for a very minimal amount. Less than $500.

David Samuel Greenberg - Tax Attorney Review

Mr. Greenberg has been my tax attorney of choice since 2009. His experience and knowledge of federal and state tax laws, combined with his tax advice for resolution has without a doubt contributed to the prosperity of my family's financial and emotional well being. If you are not able to resolve your tax issues with the IRS or the Franchise Tax Board, please do yourself a favor and call David. Know that you will be able to sleep at night again.

Exceptional Representation

David handled a major IRS problem that I had. The outcome was as good as I have ever hoped for. I have referred David to others who have had excellent results. I recommend him without any reservations. He is a warm, friendly and understating man.

Outstanding Tax, Bankruptcy, and Debt Relief Attorney Services

I have been client of Mr. Greenberg for Tax Matters over the past few years. His attention to detail and responsiveness to taxing agencies (State and Federal) are impeccable. At the same time, he proactively keeps me informed of critical information relative to my tax matters. His communication policy is above reproach. Dealing with the IRS and FTB is an emotional issue with me. Mr. Greenberg has dramatically eased my concerns by carefully and ethically representing me on sensitive financial and legal matters. Sincerely,


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