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Reports of Tax Abuse

The IRS unlawfully seized and disposed of my family Homestead, unlawfully seized wages, unlawfully seized Social Security entitlements, unlawfully seized bank accounts and made an attempt to seize loan value of insurance policies. I have a file of communications with the IRS which have been ignored or otherwise neglected. I suspect I am a victim of the quota “scam”. I have been unlawfully raped, pillaged and otherwise mistreated by a band of thugs allowed to operate unimpeded in my country. IT IS CRIMINAL WHEN AMERICANS ARE ALLOWED TO ABUSE AMERICANS.

In Sept., 1993, while in the midst of a divorce proceeding, I decided to modify my withholding exemptions to make for a smaller refund (consequently smaller “gift” to the soon to be ex-) and submitted such, along with proper documentation, to my employer, a major airline where I work as a pilot. Much to my surprise, I came home to a very reduced paycheck, on January 1st. A call to the payroll desk said they had received word from the IRS that I was to be withheld at the maximum single rate, UNTIL THEY DEEMED OTHERWISE!! A call to the IRS office in Detroit yielded little help except for one rather inept female gov’t worker. She told me they had mailed me a letter in October and I should have known better. (Interestingly enough, the original letter showed up a week later, postmarked Jan 5th, 1994.) I was somewhat curtly informed that I could fill out some forms, which they agreed to fax me, and I was assured that if I faxed them back, all would be right within days. I got the forms that afternoon and faxed them back. Needless to say, nothing much happened, and for another 2 months I was treated to wages resembling those of a fast food worker, and no way to pay the bills. After repeated phone calls to the woman’s supervisor, I was told by him that he hadn’t thought it was very important, and that he had given it back to her to “ on.”

As I was on the phone that day, they finally cleaned up my “surprise” withholding adjustment, I was referred to the original lady, and her parting words to me were…”just remember, we can get you anytime, and anyplace we want to.” At the time, I was just happy to be rid of them, and I do not fear these people. Loathe them, and feel that they are totally incompetent, but no fear! As luck (?!?) would have it, guess who got an audit notice for 1993, in October of 1996? This was so far out of the ordinary audit sequence, that my accountant (an ex-IRS Criminal enforcement agent himself) went to the director to find out what was going on. Nothing yet, but a coincidence…hardly. The worst part was that I was subjected to an audit (they wanted a field audit of my home, and I refused) far beyond need. Then they realized they were out of time to apply the statutes, and asked me for an VOLUNTARY extension to prosecute me! We gave it to them (much against my feeling) and it was the Keystone Kops in action. The audit is another story all unto itself, and I will provide such fodder if you feel it would be useful. Suffice it to say that it cost me another $10,000 to argue the case, for the Gov’t to collect $3200.


1990 & 1991 my CPA filed my return listing that they owed me money. IRS said the returns were subject to audit (I was now in collection without the right of audit) but that I could not get any money back because it was a closed year. I said fine, wait for the audit. IRS came back and ordered and threatened me with future audits and prison if I did not sign a waiver stating that I owed the assessed amounts. I said no and they told me that they liked to take care of people like me who did not want to play ball. I was ordered to give them employer inf. but I refused fearing harassment. I wrote to my Congressman Shaw whose aid was considerably less than totally unacceptable. The first thing Shaw did was to sent my letter of complaint to problems & resolution with my phone number. P&R gave it to IRS collections who immediately started harassing my employer. The IRS levied 95% of my wages INCLUDING CHILD SUPPORT. IRS told me they were levying wages not child support and some jail time would do me good. Oh, P&R called me and started yelling at me and my room-mate saying that I owed the money and it did not matter what audit said I had to pay. They have threatened me, my accountant, my room-mate, harassed my employer, and a collection agent stalked me at worked, followed me around. Mad as hell, I cut my own wages so the IRS would get nothing and despite me being placed in an uncollectable state, the IRS seized my bank account. My Co. finally got tired of the problem and having IRS parked in front of the office and fired me. I have been out of work for 4 months. I have written to Senator Roth — no response. I followed up 3 times in the last 3 months and still no response.

I too am having problems with the IRS. Seems they think I owed them around $1,200 from the years 84, 85 & 86. As of their last letter 12/19/96 they indicate that I now owe them over $19,000.!!!! I do not know how they can turn a simple $1,200 dollar debt into an amount that will put a major financial burden on myself and my family. They have already put a lien on any property I own and are threatening to garnish my wages. I have my own family and obligations to take care of as well as my parents. Garnishing my wages would cause severe consequences to both. I am in a position now to pay off the original amount they “say” I owe, but I do not feel that I should have to pay over $18,000 in penalties and interest!


The IRS is currently harassing me for an amount they say I’m responsible for. It deals with the Trust Fund Penalty (payroll taxes), they are billing for amounts which are due on Bankrupt co. of which I was just an employee. For one of the periods in question, I wasn’t even an employee for the co. The other period in question, I wasn’t a signature at the time the period ended. When I appealed to the IRS agent in Florida and told him my side of the story, his comment was “I don’t care if you’re innocent or guilty, I’m here to make someone pay”. This harassment has been going on since 1993, the bill is for 1990 & 1991. Since that time, the then sole owner of the co. has opened many different business, and the IRS has not gone after him for the money. I am extremely frustrated with this and its ruining my life. I can barely make ends meet with my day to day expenses.

The IRS has created Hell and Havoc for us for over 2 years now, using trumped up, concocted, evidence as to how we understated our expenses for the years 1993, 1994, 1995, and 1996

In August 1995, we were first audited by the IRS. We were told that we had to have the audit in our home. This, our accountant told us was the first year that they had decided to go into peoples homes to see if they were living lifestyles above what was indicated on their tax returns. The first thing the Lady did was ask questions about how much money my wife withheld from bank deposits in the form of cash. Where did she hide it…wrapped up in the freezer? buried in the back yard? She asked, “if you need any cash money where would you find it in your home? I told her that if I did, I’d have to ask her for it. She asked to use the rest room and cased our home as she went. She demanded that I show her the inside of my garage suggesting that we were hiding inventory or other items for sale. When she looked through our records, which had been stowed away in my garage for over two years (1993), she told me that she didn’t like the way that we recorded the information and wanted to take some of it to her office so she could complete the audit. Like an idiot, I allowed her to. She sent several summons’ to us via the mail asking for bank records and check copies for the year 1993. Then she increased the audit to include 1994, resulting in more summons for records. Later, she wanted copies of all checks that we wrote from personal accounts. With this information, she was attempting to track movement of all our money. With this, she concluded that we made more money than we really did. She explained to me initially that the IRS has a formula which applies to everybody when used could accurately determine their taxes even if the person didn’t have good records. She certainly must have used it. When I was laid off in 1991 from my regular employment, I was unemployed during that year, all of 1992, and most of 1993, and some of 1994. During 1993, and 1994, I was attempting to expand my wife’s maintenance (business and homes) to schools, maintaining (cleaning and changing lights, etc.) their basketball and football scoreboards. This required the purchase of lots of specialized equip. and tools that are not normal to a cleaning service. This also required a lot of trial and error (and loss of money) trying to learn how to fix these items. Also, it required a lot of mileage on my aging pickup. She disallowed mileage thinking it was unreasonable and excessive, she disallowed travel and lodging for my wife’s Mary Kay business, because on a couple of occasions, she allowed me to travel with her saying that most of the time she probably was with me rather that doing Mary Kay. She basically made up her own mind, what she wanted to use and denying the claims made by us for the write-offs. Our second visit was to be in the home again. She delayed that meeting 3 successive time until the following February, and changed that audit to the IRS office downtown in San Jose, CA. We arrive at the building, there were no nameplates, just a cipher lock on the door. I had to go ask people where I was to go. Somebody finally let us in. We were ushered to a auditor room. During that time, she told us that she needed to make copies of all of our bank records and that she would be gone for some time. We were suspicious that there was a listening device, or a video camera in the room…and sure enough, my wife found a recording device taped to the underside of the table, just above my lap. When she entered the room, I demanded it be removed, and the security manager came and removed it. She later showed up at our house, did not ring the doorbell, walked past it into our entry and up to our kitchen where we were standing. She tells me that she was delivering another summons and that she knew that I was now working a 2nd job. My wife kicked her out. That is when we decided to hire and attorney and keep her from coming to our home and hassling us. To date, we have spent over three thousand dollars and the little black cloud of owing what she said we owed (over $35,000 for 1993 and 1994) is still over our head. During this time, they have refunded money from 1993 (a year they say I underpaid over $9,000, and applied it to 1995 (explain that). They asked for an additional $1600 penalty for 1995 because our Wells Fargo Bookkeeping service apparently had not sent in our W3s and W2s. We paid it, only to have them ask to get it back. I made numerous calls for explanation, and was basically told pay it, don’t question it. We do not have to explain before you pay. Pay and then maybe we will explain. Next, I found a garnishment of about $500 from my paycheck. I called and promised to pay the money back that was remaining. I was given a letter from my attorney that while I was trying to work out a payment plan with them on these issues, the IRS would stop all collection activity on me, So I did not pay the remaining…only to have them levy this account out of my wife’s personal bank account, causing a whole bunch of checks to not clear. IT aint over yet. Our marriage, because of all this stress is on the rocks.

It seems that these guys know they can damn well do anything they want on the small business person, because they know that they can use taxpayers money to push and push and push and the taxpayer can’t afford to hire a high priced lawyer like large corporations. This is bad, really bad. I do not trust them, and in the future, no matter what changes they make, I will not talk to them without a lawyer. I hate living in this country, where congress allows this Mafioso band of guerrillas to rape its citizenry.


To this day the IRS is seeking to collect business and personal tax for a business that my dad had before and after their separation(which my mother had no part of). Also, they are trying to collect personal income tax from her which my father owed during the time they were separated.. granted they are only looking at about 4,000 dollars but to me and her that is a lot of money! she has since remarried and has to work 2 jobs because the IRS says they can’t find my father to collect the debt…..since she doesn’t want to go to jail cause she can’t pay the debt she is working about 80hrs a week to save money so she can pay the debt(and I am worried that this may have severe effects on her being that she is 45 and having to start her life all over again and now has to worry about paying this before she can start saving for retirement).

In 1992 my home and home based business was heavily damaged by a drought ending rain and mud slide. The damage was inspected and I applied for, and received a $5000 SBA loan for personal effects, and a $5000 SBA loan for my business, a sole proprietorship making enough to survive on. During the next two years I started to rebuild by applying the SBA loan for its intended purpose. I was making the monthly repayment on the SBA loan. I reconstructed lost records from the mud slide and got up to date with the IRS and was making payments. I had a power of attorney in effect through a CPA but the IRS immediately levied the remaining $4000 from the SBA loan. This was followed with two CONCURRENT audits, including threats of seizing everything. They even contacted my clients and demanded they send the IRS my accounts payable. The bottom line is that I made an effort to get right with the IRS. The result was a levy of money that they loaned to me, (which I was repaying), and two CONCURRENT audits which netted the IRS an additional $800 ($400 per year). Would a sane person volunteer to go through that again? The IRS is a festering sore. I am a U.S. Army veteran and a former Peace Corps volunteer. There is something very wrong.


The IRS has ruined my credit. They’ve placed liens against me and are threatening to seize my assets.

Although I was a signature for a very short period of time during 1991, all checks had to be approved by the owner. All of the facts were presented to the IRS Appeals Officer (Jorge Moral) back in 1993, just before they assessed the taxes against me. The appeals officer refused to hear my side of the story, his comment was “I don’t care if you’re innocent or Guilty, I’m here to make someone pay”, his main concern was that he had to close the case before the end of the year. Even before I went into his office, he had already found me guilty. He told me to agree to pay approx. 75% of the taxes or he’ll make me pay for everything (approx. $29,000.). I signed nothing, and the result was a bill for approx. $29,000.

Just recently, I tried reopening the case, but the IRS refused to do so. They claim that I already went through the appeals process and that the only thing for me to do is file suit against them. Also, I received another demand for payment. The new bill comes to approx. $44,000 including interest.

It his hard for me to function on a day to day basis while this is hanging over my head.

After being told by the IRS agent I was a nuisance and they raised my payments from $200 a month to $498 (as a disciplinary move), I was told they would NOT place another levy on my bank accounts because I was making payments as “directed”. Last week I received a certified letter from the IRS, a “Notice of Levy”. Oh well, further proof the IRS follows the guidelines of Karl Marx rather than our forgotten Constitution. Right after receipt of the “Notice of Levy”, I went to bed. The next morning I was transported via ambulance to our neighborhood hospital for heart attack symptoms. After three nitro pills and two nitro patches and lots of blood letting, it was determined I was under an “UnGodly amount of stress,” and it will kill me without relief. My doctor put me on beta-blockers and a new ulcer medicine to help relieve the pain. Thanks IRS for again scaring the blazes out of my family!


I have been trying to settle with the IRS for several years. Because the issue is a joint return with a divorce in between, because my now ex-wife will not sign anything, the IRS has never acknowledged my attempts to settle, and is now seizing my accounts, selling my stocks, and doing everything else to get it’s money. I have never disputed I owe them money, just how much. I am now borrowing from my retirement to settle with them before they seize my house.

My business took a hard hit due to the recession, and I was unable to pay the IRS taxes for 1989, 1990, 1993. In 1993 I submitted an Offer in Compromise after extensive documentation was submitted, it was denied claiming to be missing documentation! I resubmitted the documentation and was a few days delayed, but I had spoken to a revenue agent who informed me that the deadline was extended. The offer was denied due to late filing! I took the liberty to send all documents w/return receipts and recorded the conversation w/the revenue agent extending the deadline due to the volume of documentation requested. The offer was still denied and I was informed that I had to resubmit and all of the documentation was lost so I needed to prepare it again! My employer recently received a garnishment levy from the IRS, but since I am currently a full time student my earnings are meager, yet they take it all!! I originally owed $5916 in taxes and have paid the IRS $7290 at my families expense. I still owe, according to the IRS over $10,000. I am at a point were I’m not even working since I will never be able to get ahead on the mounting penalties and interest. In summary the IRS is crippling my financial future at this time with no end in sight!


I got a notice of audit in mid 88′, agent came to my small Business and ask questions, one was “how long have you been doing your books this way”? I replied, ‘Since I bought the business in 80’. She wanted to see business and paper work back to 80′, I let her, stupid me. In 89′ she and her supervisor handed me a bill for $80M. I fought it for 6.5 years, proving 8 different times that they were wrong in their assumptions and accusations. I appealed twice, finally took them to federal court, then they wanted to settle for a credit to me for $32. They lied, took my books for 2 years, made dozens of errors, billed me w/o written audit, threatened, lined, criminalized me, separated us on paper, bastardized our 5 children, informed everyone in our small town, ruined my business and reputation. In mid 95′ it started all over again and now I’m going back to tax court. It’s never over is it? If it wasn’t for a wonderful family and a great Lord, I would have given up years ago.

Have been unemployed since 1985 and have not filed since then. This is because a zealous agent refused to let me see a supervisor after requesting four times. The IRS then claimed I owed $203,000 and I had better pay immediately or a lien would be placed against our home. I am 50 and have never made more than 10,000 in any year.


The IRS has harassed and abused its power. The IRS single-handedly disagrees, unilaterally, without any reason, every piece of proof that I submitted for deductions. Legitimate deductions for dependent expenses, business purpose and business deductions. This IRS thing is pretty scary. The IRS plays the role of collector, judge, and enforcer. The first thing a taxpayer hears from an auditor is: ‘you are a liar, whatever documentation you provide to me, I will need further proof’. Such proofs are very time-consuming, humiliating and sucks all livelihood out of a person. We must dramatically reduce the IRS role ASAP. The IRS must be nothing more than anyone else, i.e., it must go through the court system to prove anyone is guilty before collecting a penny. We must turn around the system, we must turn the system upside down:

The IRS levied my SALARY without notice in writing, and my attempts to get this levy cleared are entering their third month, so far without success. I’ve written US Senators in my state and have received polite replies that they will look into the situation. My CPA has been unable to connect with the IRS agent who is handling the levy and other details. CPA calls, the agent is ‘out.’ etc. Attorney’s don’t work for free, etc.

The ethics behind IRS actions are simply outrageous. I do not say that taxes are unconstitutional, but I do say that the IRS should not operate outside the Constitution, and our elected officials have apparently allowed it to do just that.


My husband of 23 years committed suicide due to several years of IRS’ very abusive tactics. The first line of my husband’s suicide note cited the IRS .. ‘ they sit, do nothing and watch you die.’ He left behind me a widow at age 48, a sixteen year old daughter, his mother, father, sister, brother, many relatives and friends. To keep this brief, I will not delineate the years & years of IRS abuse. What I would like to tell everyone out there in the same boat, is that suicide does not stop IRS collection agents. Since my husband’s suicide, I have been harassed by two agents — one of whom lined my husband’s life insurance policy and the other agent levied the unspent proceeds from another life insurance policy. In essence, not only did the IRS kill my husband, they have taken his life insurance money, which was intended to support my daughter and me. Suicide is not the solution. The surviving spouse then has to deal with the IRS alone, and in a very vulnerable emotional state. The loss of my husband is almost more than I can bear, and now I have to deal with the IRS as well. My senator has been most helpful, but even he couldn’t get the IRS to back down. I may be a meek & quiet individual (who’s also an emotional wreck), but when the IRS took my husband away I decided to let the IRS have it back with both barrels. I will fight … and I plan to win. Yes, these IRS abuses are real, even in this ‘free’ country and the sad thing is that they are allowed to continue even to this very day. I have had quite enough, haven’t you??

I have been in battle for over twelve years over tax returns from 1983 and 1984. I have been lied to, given false information on how to absolve problems leaving me with even greater penalties and interest. I have been forced to sign away my Statute of Limitations. I have had my credit ruined and my marriage almost ruined. They have burdened my new wife with monetary obligations that have absolutely nothing do with her. Her credit has also been ruined. At every step of the way there is harassment and threats. The almighty “Intent To Levy Wages” letters keep coming especially if you make any attempt to disagree or complain. I have lost two good jobs due to these letters to my employers. Although illegal to fire you because of them it happens and can be easily covered up. Taxpayer assistance and problem resolution is a farce and a lie. It gets you nowhere but in deeper crap the next time you have to talk one of the heavy weight crooks on the end of a phone line, which takes hours to get to. How can we ever hope to get out of the trap we are in? The penalties and interest keeps you from ever paying it off. You can’t get a loan because there is crap on your credit report and liens on your property. It is worse than owing Guido the loan-shark. WELCOME TO HELL ON EARTH!


Between 1986-1989, I was an office manager for a Chrysler dealership, in a depressed marketplace in urban New Jersey. For a period of time, I was a signatory on the checking account. The owners began to have financial difficulty, federal liens were placed on the business. The IRS never informed me personally that I was a responsible party for the unpaid tax. The owners were fortunate to sell the business for enough money to cover the unpaid tax bill. Since I was not a corporate officer, I was not present at neither the first, or second, closing of sale. However, by the time these closings occurred, a 100% civil penalty had been imposed upon me, and of course, I hired an attorney to represent me. My attorney informed the IRS of the sale of the business, and that if they pursued the corporate attorney, they could collect the money at the closing. After all, they had liens on the business. For some reason, probably a monetary one, the IRS agents ignored my attorney. Ten years later, I am still pursued by the IRS. They have garnished my wages and made my life and my family’s life miserable. This debt is not mine, but no one cares.

I am currently in the middle of a major battle with the IRS over an audit for my 94 and 95 taxes. I gathered all my documentation to prove I did not owe taxes for those years, and my CPA (who I have had for 9 years, and has done an excellent job at my other audits), was suppose to go to the audit for me. Evidently, he did not show up for my audit, (we still don’t know why), and 50 of his other client’s audits, too! A short time later, much to my surprise, I received an “URGENT” letter from the IRS stating that I owed in excess of $20,000 for 94 and 95, and if not paid, liens and garnishment was the next step. I was contacted by a Tax Attorney shortly thereafter. He told me I had very little chance to be able to go back and be audited now, because it has already gone to collections. Although he agreed I have a “cut and dried” malpractice against my CPA, the IRS doesn’t care about the circumstances, and I am now liable for the $20,000, which will literally put us into bankruptcy! So far I have spent over $2,000 in attorney’s fees, and this is only the beginning of our fight. I am sick, not knowing what the future will bring.


For anyone who believes that the IRS only abuses the average taxpayer, I suggest that they go to work for this organization. What the IRS does to the average citizen is gentle compared to the stresses it imposes on its own employees. By the time an individual rises to permanent employee status, he or she has become so cynical that screwing taxpayers is just the way it is. Phony performance evaluations to get incompetent personnel out of a department is the norm, yet the competent employee is continually ignored in the awarding of promotions and performance awards. Training is done by the most boring speakers imaginable. And even then is inadequate to perform the job. Horror stories? No, part of the Reagan tax reduction program. Here’s how it works. Take the most widespread tax benefit program and perform a 100% review of all the returns that claim it. Don’t tell anyone that you are doing it. Delay issuing the full refund so that you have to pay interest, especially on those cases that the taxpayer got a refund loan. While you go after these poor people, let the top 20% incomes have a free ride on a program in which there may be up to 40% fraud. Sit back and laugh as the citizens BEG for a tax reform that will result in an increase in the tax burden for 62% of the population and the top 15% will have a tax reduction of up to 49% and more. When the people realize what is happening, you get to blame the ‘lazy, incompetent and untrainable’ employees. Way to go!

We have been in the process of solving a tax problem for my brother since September 1997. With telephone advice from 4 different IRS representatives (we have their names and dates of conversation) we thought we had an agreement that we would put an agreed upon sum of money in the mail by February 2, 1998, to the IRS and when they received that sum, they would send us an agreement for us to make payments beginning in March 1998, to retire the balance they claim is due. In the meantime we had written a letter to the Penalty & Interest Abatement Service in Ogden, UT, certified, return receipt requested, for which we have a return receipt stamped 12/24/97. There has been no reply. So, we were prepared to deposit the agreed upon sum of money on Monday, February 2, 1998, just like we promised. Today, January 31, 1998, my brother’s employees went to cash their paychecks and the bank couldn’t honor them because the IRS had confiscated all the funds on Friday, January 30. This has virtually put him out of business and destroyed his credibility with the bank. Congratulations to the IRS, they have now destroyed one more family and business.


I think the IRS is very wrong to do what they do to the average working person. I owe the government, but I started out owing them 8500 dollars. I have been paying them 200 a month since 1992 and I’m still paying. My calculations show I have paid 15 thousand dollars and they say that I still owe them 8700. Something is very wrong with this. How many other people are they doing this to and why?

Prior to doing business with a foreign entity, I retained a high profile IRS tax specialist to advise. After conducting the business, someone with the criminal investigation division tried to get me indicted on criminal charges. It is obvious he did not understand the code. This did not deter him from huge wide spread confiscation of documents and my cost of $92,000 to date in defense cost. I ultimately had to hire an expert to explain to the US Attorney the facts of law. I still don’t know if it’s over, but I am. After 30 years in business (always paying taxes of every sort) I am now having to sell due to the huge attorney fees. I am broke. The IRS cannot yet explain why they had the off the wall notion they did about the meaning of the code they may still be attempting to prosecute/persecute me for.


In 1982/83 I went through a divorce and was laid up in the hospital for six months after a major auto accident. I failed to file my taxes for those two years and did not go back to straighten out my IRS obligations until 1989. By then I had re-established my career and felt secure enough in my life to face up to my past indiscretions and mistakes. I retained a CPA to help me compile my returns and sent them off to the IRS. The next thing I knew my paycheck was attached and my checking account was cleaned out. When I went to my CPA to find out what had happened, he informed me that he didn’t know, and was as surprised by the action as I was. Upon further investigation he found that the IRS had filed my returns for me for those two years (Congress gave them that authority), and with interest and penalties the IRS claimed that I owed them more than $97,000. It would serve little purpose to itemize the absolute hell the IRS has put me through since then. I have gone from openly fighting them to absolute submission. I have no future, but to pay the IRS whatever they demand. My credit is destroyed. I am nearing the end of my working career and the IRS has taken every little bit I have put away for retirement. They don’t send me any accounting except when they come out and attach my property (which they claim is theirs). The IRS has informed me that with interest and penalties and my present payment plan I’ll never pay off my debt to them. Will they go after my children when I’m gone? Our Congress, the people we elect to run our country have created this monster. They have allowed these injustices to be perpetrated upon the citizens of this country. The IRS acts outside of our justice system with immunity, and there is no recourse to redress grievances. Is the Congress of the United States also powerless before the apparently omnipotent IRS or do they just not give a damn?

June ’96 I filed for a divorce, it was finalized Feb’98. Mar’97 filed my single IRS return and had the tax prepare verify what was reported by my husband on our 1995 joint return. I was advised he did not report income on a Lawn Service started that year. Per my attorney, I immediately reported this to the IRS, advising them of the situation and how I could be reached.

The IRS now says I am responsible for $50,000 in under reported taxes, fines, and penalties for his business.

I was advised by the auditor that if “fraud’ were considered the penalty could be accessed at a higher fee. The IRS will not cooperate with me, even thought I have cordially supplied them with all information available to me.

Previously, the IRS told me under “innocence of spouse’ I was not liable for my husbands taxes. I DO NOT understand how they can now refuse to consider that “innocence of spouse’ status. I didn’t even know the business existed.

As of today, I am still considered liable for his taxes, interest, and penalties!!!


My parents have had a horrifying experience with the IRS and I have watched them go through so much because of it. I guess I grew up believing that I would never have to worry about The IRS coming after me because I would always follow the rules and do the right thing. That’s how I felt until my parents made a honest mistake that ended up taking their retirement, put a lien on their home and made them go through more grief than any human should endure in a lifetime. The sad thing is that my father should be retired now and must continue to work to pay an IRS dept. that has INCREASED since he began paying $4000 a month 5 years ago! I don’t even know how to describe how I feel toward this agency. It makes me physically ill to think about what the IRS has done and will continue to do.

I am currently going through heck with the IRS. In 1994 I did not receive a 1099 from my employer. This 1099 only covered 1 1/2 months of the year (the time frame I was self employed) The rest of the year I worked for the company. So I did receive a W2. I filed my taxes and did not think about the 1 1/2 back in Jan and Feb that I should have received a 1099 for. So 4 years later, I get a letter stating that I owe 1600 plus dollars. Before this letter however, a gentleman working for the IRS called my place of business and threatened the Payroll dept. and hung up on them several times simply because he was told by them that all of this had to be done in writing. I then called him after receiving the letter. After numerous messages left, I finally got a hold of him. He told me to fill out a 1040X and then it would be reviewed. Now, I am being told that I did not fill out all the needed forms so I still owe them a sum of money that they will not disclose to me. It took them 4 months to get back to me, so now I am sure to owe even more in penalties. How does somebody protect themselves against the government?

I received a notice from the IRS stating that I did not pay sufficient estimated tax. A penalty was assessed. A colleague suggested I file Form 2210, “Underpayment of Estimated Tax. . . .” I got the form and noted that the penalty could be waived by the IRS due to something in the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997. But, the instructions did not elaborate. I had no idea if or how the act affected my situation. I called and spoke to a man who identified himself as “Mr. H.” Mr. H informed me that the TRA of 1997 was a 900-page statute and he “didn’t have time” to explain the act to me.” I said that I was only concerned with one aspect of the act. He, quite gruffly and very obnoxiously, informed me that the responsibility to interpret the act was mine. I asked why, then, was he answering the phone? He said he was “only doing my job.” I asked him what his job was and suggested that his job was to help hapless taxpayers. He hung up.


I recently made an offer of compromise to the IRS. They have rejected the offer I made and have made me a counter offer. The agent has told me they will take my 401K retirement fund investments and the cash value of my life insurance policy I have started to help with my five year old daughter’s education. I have been penalized and levied by the IRS for the past twenty years. I have very little money and no personal property because the levies have prevented me from being able to buy. The agent has told me should I not accept this offer that they make me which doubled from my original offer, they will garnish my wages, still take my 401K retirement investments and my life insurance cash value. They also want to take any inheritance my family might leave me. I have filed prompt returns since 1994. I have gotten refunds, which they have taken since that year. The penalties and interest for some of those years are in excess of the amount of money I made for the entire year they penalized me for. When does justice and freedom for all take effect?

The Office of Inspector General, Treasury investigated IRS abuses in my District. The OIG Treasury determined that all IRS employees are afraid of retaliation by management if they speak out about IRS abuses. Retaliation at the IRS is swift and severe. With all the evil that is promoted at the IRS, a agency of the United States Government, how can Americans have the nerve to point fingers at another gov’t? IRS My District is the poster child of IRS abuse in our country. Yet, IRS management’s repression of ethical employees works though the threat of a campaign of terror against the honest IRS employees.


The Office of Inspector General, Treasury investigated IRS abuses in my District. The OIG Treasury determined that all IRS employees are afraid of retaliation by management if they speak out about IRS abuses. Retaliation at the IRS is swift and severe. With all the evil that is promoted at the IRS, a agency of the United States Government, how can Americans have the nerve to point fingers at another gov’t? IRS My District is the poster child of IRS abuse in our country. Yet, IRS management’s repression of ethical employees works though the threat of a campaign of terror against the honest IRS employees.

I had gone to Europe to visit an Aunt I hadn’t seen in a decade. During my visit she became ill and I had to stay to help take care of her. I had some self-employment income the end of 1996 and wasn’t able to file until Nov. 1997 as the paperwork had been put into my storage room. When I returned in late Oct. 97, I noticed had received a letter from them requesting my 1996 return and promptly filed my return, paid the taxes in full, paid interest, and to show good faith paid a 100 dollar late filing fee. A few weeks later I received a letter saying that I owed them $20,000 (the self employment income was $30,000 and out of that I paid around $12,000). They said they would reposes my car, garnish my wages, and possibly prosecute me (It was a form letter !) if I didn’t pay. After the initial shock wore off I sat down and figured out what they had done. Included in the new tax bill was a 50% penalty (~6000) AND another ~13,000 in taxes – they mistakenly had added my self-employment income in TWICE. I went to a tax person and we filed another return with everything in it and waited. They wrote back saying that they had corrected my account but that I still owe them $20,000 with added interest and penalties !!! I got up enough courage to go down to the IRS local office to put an end to this. I was greeted by a gentleman who apologized and actually filled out a correction form for me. He said that I would have to pay the penalty – which is automatically assessed. I explained my case and received a ‘sorry but our hands are tied’ reply. I told myself – FINE I PAID IT JUST TO GET THIS OVER WITH. … Last night I received a letter saying that they are now beginning backup withholding because I haven’t paid the $20,000 yet……. WHAT NEXT ????

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