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Installment Agreements

If the balance owing to the IRS is less than $50,000, then the IRS will allow what is known as a streamlined installment payment arrangement. This calls for a monthly payment over a period of 60 to 72 months. Once such a payment arrangement is in place, there is an excellent prospect that the IRS will not file a notice of federal tax lien.

The IRS is required to allow a taxpayer access to sufficient funds from income to pay all necessary living expenses, such as food, clothing, rent, transportation, medical bills, insurance and miscellaneous household expenses.

If your finances are such that you have no income left over after paying necessary living expenses that could be devoted to the payment of back taxes, you are the category of what’s known as “currently not collectible.” What this means is that the IRS will not pursue you for collection, but the task over will remain on the books and will continue to accrue interest.

If in the future your income increases and you therefore afford to make an installment payment, the IRS will require you to do so. It’s important to note that from the date of assessment of tax, the IRS has 10 years to collect that tax. Once that 10 year period has expired, subject to certain exceptions, the IRS will adjust the tax balance for that particular tax year to zero.

Client Reviews
David has been my attorney for several years and has helped me walk through major life changing situations with compassion and understanding and good legal and personal advice. My IRS debt is about a thing of the past and my state tax is now handled as well. I can recommend Dave for his tax and legal expertise. Tobin
When I contacted David Greenberg, I owed the IRS over $150,000 and he was able to help me have those payments discharged. I am forever thankful. David is always there for me when I call and I have referred him to friends who have also hired him with excellent results. I can't say enough wonderful things about Mr. Greenberg and his staff. John
He is a super big help with tax problems. He is very informative, knows exactly what to do & when. He is also sympathetic & understanding; knows what to say to calm all fears & worries. Furthermore, he works his hardest to ensure comfortable payment plans or alternative discount methods to ease any financial obligations. He is a great asset to those in need of tax resolutions. Debbie
What can I say about David other than he is a genius and knows his tax law. In 2009 I was hit extremely hard by the financial meltdown. I contacted David to help my wife and I through a personal bankruptcy and a 6 digit IRS Tax Lien. He was wonderful to work with and walked us through the whole process. The biggest hurdle was the IRS Tax debt. What an amazing job David performed. It took some time, as he said it would. The IRS agreed to an Offer and Conpromise and forgave 97% of the debt. I would highly recommend David Greenberg for any Tax or Bankruptcy issues. He is amazing. Fred
Attorney David Greenberg, assisted me with a tax issue and kept the IRS from just randomly taking money while resolving the issue. He is polite,attentive and willing to help his clients. I wholeheartedly recommend David Greenberg, for any tax issues you may be facing. Anthony
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